Trinity Announces New Shield

Trinity School for Ministry - An Evangelical Seminary in The Anglican Tradition“Trinity School for Ministry is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition.  In this fractured world, we desire to be a global center for Christian formation, producing outstanding leaders who can plant, renew and grow churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

As we have been working out strategic initiatives which we hope, by God’s grace, will bring our new vision to reality, we have identified a need for an additional visual image that we can use to identify ourselves. To meet that need, Jim Beavers (MDiv 2009 and former Director of Communications) has designed a shield for us. It combines the St. George’s cross and three Canterbury crosses to express our Anglican heritage, and three intersecting circles, an ancient symbol of the Trinity from which we take our name. The colors used in the coat of arms reflect our academic colors of blue and gold.

This shield is not intended to replace the cross or the seal but to complement them and to draw together the message of both of them into something that will look elegant on a letter head, a badge, or a pin.

Any such new identifier takes time to adjust to, and no doubt that will be the case on this occasion. It is, however, my hope that we will soon come to see it as a way of clarifying what we stand for and that it will help us signal our continuing commitment to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Anglican Communion and beyond.

     The Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry
     Dean and President
     Trinity School for Ministry

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