The Fairfield Homecoming, June 14-15, 2011

Trinity alumni and families from around the world and across the decades are invited to return “home” to Trinity for the Fairfield Gathering 2011, June 14 & 15. The Gathering brings the Trinity community to interact, encourage, and learn from each other. Named after beloved Trinity former professor Leslie Fairfield, who taught church history and ministered to the Trinity community for 30 years with his wife, Lynn, the reunion is a wonderful opportunity to “come away.”

The 2011 Fairfield Gathering will begin with a dinner on the lawn on Tuesday, June 14. Bishop William Frey and Bishop John Rodgers, both past Trinity Dean-Presidents, will be speaking on Wednesday, June 15. The event concludes with a dinner cruise on the Gateway Clipper. Childcare will be provided during all sessions.

“Please join us in inviting Trinity alumni to meet together again in Ambridge for worship, learning, encouragement, and fellowship. There is no better time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and be strengthened for ongoing Gospel ministry,” said the Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry, Dean-President.

If your parish or ministry is home to Trinity alumni, please consider how you can make it possible for them to attend.

Cost is $25 per adult.

Please Register by May 30th, 2011.

Click here to Register.

Contact Stevie Glor in Alumni Relations for further information.


Schedule for Homecoming:

Tuesday, June 14th  
     4:30 Dinner on the lawn
     7:00 An evening with Les Fairfield
Wednesday, June 15th  
     8:30 Eucharist
     9:30 Continental Breakfast
     10:00 Morning Sessions
            Bill Frey
            Barb Frey
     12:30 Lunch
     1:30 Class Photographs
     2:00 Afternoon Sessions
            John Rodgers
            Barb Frey
     4:00 Free Time
     6:00 Gateway Clipper Dinner Cruise
Thursday, June 16th –
Saturday, June 18th
     Join us for the AWAF Conference!
     “Making disciples in the Christian
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