Reading Through the Book of Homilies

Anglican Book of HomiliesThrough the season of Lent, members of the faculty and staff of Trinity School for Ministry will read aloud from portions of the Books of Homilies. Sermons will include A Sermon on the misery of mankind and of his condemnation to death everlasting by his own sin  and A sermon on the salvation of mankind by only Christ our Savior from sin and death everlasting. We will post videos of these readings on our website ( as they become available. The Books of Homiles (1547, 1562, and 1571) are two books of thirty-three sermons developing the reformed doctrines of the Church of England in greater depth and detail than in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion. The title of the collection is Certain Sermons or Homilies Appointed to be Read in Churches.

Listen to the Homilies

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