Trinity’s First Online Summer Course: History and Theology of The Diaconate

Trinity School for Ministry will offer a new course called PT 725: History and Theology of the Diaconate as its first summer online learning opportunity. This 3-credit course will run from June 20 to September 2 and will be taught by the Rev. Deacon Tara Jernigan, DMin, Director of Deacon Formation for the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Course Description:
This course is designed to explore the ministry of the vocational diaconate and how it has grown and shifted (or failed to shift) to meet the needs of the Church through the ages. The course will examine the biblical perspective on servant-hood; trace the development of the diaconate throughout the history of the Church; explore the writings and lives of a few notable deacons; and examine the emerging role of the diaconate in the contemporary Church.  This course will explore the broad range of diaconal ministries and encourage students to think theologically about holy orders and how the threefold orders of the Church relate to one another and reflect the ministry of Christ.

If you are interested in taking PT 725, please contact Geoff Mackey (724-266-3838), Director of Distance Learning.

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