Catechetical Theology at the Heart of the Church

The Rev. Dr. Graham Tomlin
June 17th, 2011

Rev. Dr. GRAHAM TOMLIN, Dean of St. Mellitus College and Principal of St. Paul’s Theological Centre, London, on catechetical theology in today’s ALPHA movement and beyond.

Professor Tomlin began his first talk with a history of theological training, showing a gradual shift of theological work away from the local church into what are now largely secular universities. He also discussed the pros and cons of this shift as well as the relative roles of universities and seminaries. Tomlin then reflected on a recent experiment in doing theological training in a local church context in Holy Trinity Brompton in London, this in connection to the worldwide spread of the Alpha Course.

Of particular concern to Tomlin is a great weakness in theologically-informed practice concerning Christian virtues. In the second of his two presentations at AWAF, he highlighted the relationship between effective discipleship and training in Christian character.

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