Trinity to Offer Help with Job Placement

In an effort to help our students transition into the places God has called them, Trinity School for Ministry has enlisted the help of the Rev. Mark Warter, the founder and president of Frontier Partners, Inc. and a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. The Rev. Mark Warter and his wife EdieMark has more than 30 years of experience in the field of corporate search. Over time (and with Mark’s help), Trinity hopes to develop comprehensive career services for both current students and alumni. Mark’s work will begin this fall at our new student orientation. He will then follow-up with some presentations on topics such as networking, resume writing, opportunity evaluation, and alternative opportunities for ministry.

“This is a hard economy to be looking for employment” stated Mark. “With the recent divisions in the Anglican Communion and the shrinking nature of most major denominations, finding the right position is going to become harder and harder as time goes on. What we are hoping to do is to provide Trinity graduates with life-long skills to best be able to apply the sound education they have received.”

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