History & Mission of the Church in Turkey

Hagia Sophia

A Mission and Study Trip to Turkey

March 7-18, 2012

Trinity Professor Dr. Philip Harrold and missionary David Meeks (MAR 2007) will lead a study tour on the mission of the Church of the first millennium in its ancient birthplaces found in modern-day Turkey.  The group will participate in the life and witness of the Church of the third millennium (the contemporary Church) in its predominantly Muslim context.  This course is a hybrid of study tour and mission trip. Arrangements can be made with the Registrar to take the course as a general elective in church history; otherwise, it is listed as a Missions and Evangelism (ME) course, with the opportunity for “cross-cultural immersion,” as described in the Academic Bulletin, “Academic Enrichment,” p. 14.

For more information, please see the attachement below or email Dr. Harrold.

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