Trinity Goes Wireless

New Technology on campus

Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor, Trinity School for Ministry now has a wireless network operating on campus. “Over the past several years Trinity has noticed an increase in the use of tablets and iPads among our students and guests. These devices cannot be connected through a traditional wired network,” stated Heather Henkel, Trinity’s IT Manager. “The new wireless network will allow students and guests to securely use these new technologies to access the internet and participate in the online components of their classes.”

Many have wondered why it has taken Trinity so long to install WiFi on our campus. Ms. Henkel responds by saying, “We wanted to make sure that whatever wireless solution we used would be a secure one. 

With the newer, more robust security that is now offered in wireless systems, individuals can access the internet while still maintaining the security of our network and of sensitive data.”

Trinity is pleased to be able to support local industry with this new installation.



Both the technology and the installation were provided by Blackbox, an international technology company which is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

The new network is for the use of Trinity students, faculty, and staff. Instructions for accessing the network will be provided.

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