Facebook and Theology Textbooks

An Article by Bryan Jarrell (MDiv 2012)

Let’s be honest­—all of our lives have changed in the past decade through the use of social networking. What was originally a fun novelty in the mid-nineties through chatrooms and instant messaging has become the way of the world in the twenty-first century. Christians, churches, and even seminaries are also reflecting on how to best use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and any other social network for the sake of the Gospel, and Trinity School for Ministry is no exception!

Over the past two and a half years, Trinity has asked many of those same questions, particularly, what opportunities and challenges exist for a seminary in the social network world? We’ve certainly had our challenges, like comments posted on our Facebook page challenging the Doctrine of the Trinity, and inappropriate ads popping up next to our YouTube videos. But we’ve also been blessed to see lots of growth: over a thousand new Facebook fans, other organizations reposting our videos, and prayer permeating across the internet.

Would you join Trinity’s online social network? It’s a great way to stay connected with the seminary, find the newest resources and videos, and introduce your friends to the school as well! Here is a short list of the things you can do to bless Trinity across the internet from the comfort of your own keyboard!

1) Find us on Facebook. You can write a recommendation for Trinity, hear the latest news from Trinity’s staff and students, and even connect with classmates, professors, and friends!

2) Watch us on YouTube. You can hear professors lecture, see videos of the school, and catch up on the latest guests to grace Trinity’s campus on our YouTube Channel:

3) Follow our Tweets. Our Twitter account@TS4Ministry is where you can see instant Trinity news as it happens.

4) Interact with us. Once we’re connected on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, don’t be afraid to say “hi”! Ask us questions about enrollment, share a prayer, or if you like something we post, don’t be afraid to tell us!

5) Tell Your Friends. Trinity is always looking to make new friends. If you’ve got a hunch your friend would like Trinity, feel free to invite them to our fanpage! The more the merrier, and that’s true both on campus and online.

Social Networking is essentially word-of-mouth advertising: nothing is more valuable than a recommendation from a friend. A simple Facebook post could become the next Trinity student, and a shared YouTube video could become the next Trinity donor. Whether it’s email, Facebook, Seed & Harvest, or the Trinity Journal, we’re grateful to have you in our social network.

Thanks for accepting our friend request 🙂

Bryan Jarrell has faithfully served Trinity as a Media Specialist for the past three years while working on his MDiv studies. He was ordained a transitional deacon on June 16, 2012. This fall Bryan will marry his fiance, Beth.

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