Andy Piercy to Host Regular Worship Conferences at Trinity


Andy Piercy leads worship
Worship Conferences Planned to Refresh Musicians

Trinity School for Ministry is pleased to announce a new agreement with Andy Piercy. Andy is a worship leader, song writer, and record producer with a heart for equipping and training other musicians and worship leaders. In this new arrangement with Trinity, Andy will lead worship conferences at Trinity each January and June to resource and refresh other worship musicians.

Investing in Worship
Andy was part of the worship leading team at Holy Trinity Worshipers lift up praises to God while Andy Piercy inspires through songBrompton (HTB) in London from 1993 to 2006. During that time he accompanied Bp. Sandy Millar and the Rev. Nicky Gumbel to many Alpha conferences around the world and across the USA. As well as writing and recording any of the songs used on Alpha and at HTB, he has also produced records for Delirious, Matt Redman, Rita Springer, Soul Survivor, and Graham Kendrick.

Refreshing and Renewing
“Whether it’s bringing encouragement, input to develop individual gifts, or teaching to resource teams, Andy is amazing,” says Tim Hughes of Soul Survivor and Holy Trinity Brompton. “He has enormous experience and is a person I hugely admire and respect. I’d always listen very closely to anything Andy had to say!”

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