Trinity to Partner with the North American Lutheran Church

The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) has chosen to partner with Trinity School for Ministry to create a “Seminary Center” for the training of future NALC pastors

Bp. John Bradosky of the NALC presenting the proposal for a North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS)

The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) has chosen to partner with Trinity School for Ministry to create a “Seminary Center” for the training of future NALC pastors. In a nearly unanimous vote on August 8, 2013, the Convocation of the NALC took action to establish a new North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS). This seminary will not be a degree granting institution, rather, it will partner with existing accredited seminaries to provide sound theological education for NALC students. Trinity will soon welcome a new NALS Seminary Director to its Ambridge, PA campus to oversee the formation of NALC students, whether at Trinity or at one of the Houses of Study that will be developed throughout North America.

Lutheran students will earn a degree from Trinity School for Ministry, taking the core courses required in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) curriculum. For some courses they will take Lutheran alternatives taught by NALC professors to ensure a solid foundation in confessional Lutheranism.

North American Lutheran Church (NALC) LogoWe’re very excited about this new partnership as the Seminary Center for the NALC” remarked the Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry, Dean/President of Trinity School for Ministry. “One of the great excitements about Trinity is that we believe we are forming Christian leaders for mission. Wherever they are, they will be on the mission of God. The way in which we have been able to come together [with the NALC] around the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a great encouragement to me. It does seem that once again in this new reformation era that we are being called together to contend for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the faith once delivered to the Church.”

The Rev. David Wendel and the Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry“I’m absolutely delighted, we’ve had excellent discussions and the formation of a relationship with Trinity through professors and other leaders there and we believe we are on the same page theologically and biblically” said the Rev. John Bradosky, Bishop of the NALC. “We look forward to this partnership moving forward. We are both equally committed to training people for the Gospel and for service to our church in our congregations. We are thankful for the legacy that Trinity has already established. It is one that will be very beneficial to us and we pray that we’ll also be an equal partner and of great benefit to Trinity as well.”

Mr. Chris Wendel, one of the first NALC students to train at Trinity commented, “As a current student at Trinity, I can definitely say that this partnership will be beneficial. It brings all of the NALC candidates for ministry together and gives us cohesiveness. The fact that Trinity has wanted to work with the NALC and to work with our Lutheran students to provide a confessional Lutheran experience and education is just that much more beneficial.”

A Seminary Director should be called by the Executive Council of the NALC by fall, 2013 to prepare the Seminary Center for operation and to develop and coordinate the relationship between the Seminary Center and Houses of Studies. The NALS Director and a registrar (negotiated with Trinity School for Ministry) will work in conjunction with the NALC Candidacy Committee.

Trinity School for Ministry is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. Begun in 1976, the seminary has trained more than 1,000 graduates and many others who serve in ministries all over the world. As a global center for Christian formation, Trinity continues to produce outstanding leaders who can plant, renew, and grow churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Top – Bishop John Bradosky of the North American Lutheran Church
Bottom – The Rev. David Wendel of NALC and the Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry, Dean/President of Trinity

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