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The Rev. Dr J.I. Packer is one the giants of evangelical Anglicanism. Along with his long-time friend and colleague, the late John Stott, his work has been foundational for 2 generations of evangelicals, including Anglicans.

His seminal books include, Knowing God, Concise Theology, and his recent, grounded in the Gospel: Growing Believers the Old Fashioned Way. At the age of 87 he continues  to be actively involved in shaping the direction of Anglican in North America.  He is the Board of Governor’s Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he has taught since 1979. He is a member of the Editorial Council of Christianity Today. He was General Editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible, published in Fall 2001.

Dr. Packer is also a great hero of Trinity School for Ministry. We are blessed to have Dr. Packer returning to Trinity.


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  • Anonymous

    Will you record the sessions in audio or video? or will you stream the sessions?

    please let us know

    • cwendel

      The J.I. Packer sessions were recorded in audio and video. The sessions were not streamed. As for the availability of the media, at this time I can’t say when they will be available, or in what format. Stay connected with Trinity and as soon as we have something available, we will publicize.

      Peace, Charles