Alumna Sharon Lewis Presents Lecture on Healing

In this fractured and demanding world, believers and non-believers need the comfort and healing of Christ. During our January 2014 Intensives, Trinity Alumna the Rev. Dr. Sharon Lewis led the course Parish Ministry: Healing and Relapse. The course focused on the process of healing and specifically the healing of the soul. On February 19, 2014, she returned to Trinity to lead an hour-long Intro to Healing lecture (You May Download the Audio Here). Seminarians in attendance were given a glimpse of the importance of healing prayer as well as time for practical application. Trinity School for Ministry is deeply committed to the formation of Christian leaders and healing prayer and worship is an important part of the development of our students. 

“I only thought of physical healing, but this was emotional too and I gained a sense of repentance and forgiveness in the words that were spoken.  We are hurting as a people and need to experience this ministry to be affected and to affect others.” The Rev. Juliet Wabwire (MAR Student)

We believe that the discipleship of the whole person is essential preparation for ministry, in fact this is one of our core values (Read More Here). Healing prayer training and discerning the gifts of the Spirit are the topic for an upcoming course, Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Judith MacNutt, will return to Trinity to lead the June Intensive course. She will be lecturing on structured and practical training for prayer ministry, including topics of sin & suffering, family issues, healing spiritual wounds, and praying for forgiveness.

The Rev. Dr. Sharon Lewis is Founder and Executive Director of the Amazing Love Healing Ministry which was birthed in 1995 at Church of the Holy Spirit, Osprey, FL.

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