Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship Included in Christianity Today’s 2016 Book Awards

Congratulations to our own Dr. Wesley Hill whose book, Spiritual Friendship, was given an Award of Merit on Christianity Today’s 2016 Book of the Year list.

Spiritual Friendship is challenging and important while remaining deeply personal, intimate, and hopeful. In a time when we face a crisis of loneliness—Mother Teresa called it ‘the greatest disease in the West’—Hill casts a powerful vision of Christian friendship as alluring as it is faithful.” —Tish Harrison Warren, Anglican priest, campus minister at University of Texas–Austin

“Hill tackles not only the currently pressing topic of what hope Christianity has to offer those experiencing themselves as gay or lesbian, but also the deeper topic of friendship in an expressive-individualist age—something that’s relevant to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. The book makes an acute diagnosis of our atomized lives in a world that imagines sex as the only source of real intimacy, and marriage as the only setting for real commitment. It retrieves elements of the historic church tradition relating to friendship and commitment. And all this is presented in sensitive, evocative language, with a reverence for literature, language, and art that makes it a delight to read. Hill’s account has a raw, even wrenching, honesty that’s essential to authentic Christian testimony in our broken world.” —Andy Crouch, executive editor, Christianity Today magazine

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