Master of Arts (Religion) (MAR)

The Master of Arts (Religion) degree (MAR) imparts a sound knowledge of theology to prepare students for lay ministry or further study. Students may choose from three foci: Biblical Studies, Christian History and Theology, or Christian Ministry and Missiology.  A Lutheran Track in partnership with the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) is also available.  Some students use this degree to prepare for further graduate study, and others use it to provide a Christian foundation for the work they do in the marketplace and in their places of worship. The MAR can be completed entirely through online courses or through a combination of online and on-campus offerings.

MAR students completing a thesis must be residential during the semesters in which they are writing their thesis.

Non-Thesis MAR

Thesis MAR

Recommended Course Progression:

   Biblical Studies  |  Christian History & Theology  |  Christian Ministry & Missiology

For more information contact:

The Rev. Aidan Smith
Director of Recruitment

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