Frequently Asked Questions - AEF 2014


Will there be a call for papers?

  • Not this year. The conference features keynote speakers and respondents, with discussion following.


I registered for the conference but I’m unable to come, after all. Can I get a refund?

  • Yes. May 23 is the final day for participants to receive a refund.


Will the sessions be recorded?

  • The sessions will be recorded and available following the conference for purchase through the bookstore:


Will the sessions be live streamed?

  • Yes. For those who cannot attend the conference, sessions will be streamed live online by Anglican TV at


Will the conference be offered for academic credit?

  • Yes. The conference will form part of the CH725/875 History of Liturgy course. The first part of the course will be taught Mon-Wed by one of the conference keynote speakers, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Colin Buchanan. The course is available for graduate & DMin credit. For more information check out our webpage at