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The Rev. Dr. Martha GiltinanUpdate: A burial service will take place at the Church of the Ascension ( in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh on Saturday, January 3, 2015 at 1:00pm.

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Dr. Samuel Wilson joined Trinity’s faculty in 1992 and was the first Director of the Stanway Institute for World Mission and Evangelism. Before coming to Trinity he served for many years as a missionary in Peru and had also been the Director of Research at the Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies. He had a passion for cross-cultural mission and his desire was to impart that passion to Trinity’s students. 

When I was kid, there was a globe that sat on the small desk in the back of my bedroom. Maybe you’ve seen one like it? All the oceans were a light shade of periwinkle blue and the continents were all different colors, every hue of the rainbow, each country a different shade from its surrounding neighbor nation. I would often sit on the floor with my globe, looking at the beautifully colored countries and I would read their exotic names. Eventually, I would close my eyes and spin the globe as hard as I could. After a few seconds, I would throw down my little finger on the cardboard earth to see what new place I had discovered. I would slowly open my eyes, lift my finger, and read the name: “India.” “Egypt.” “Thailand.” “Kenya.” “Russia.” “Australia.” “Nigeria.” “China.” I would daydream about all the people around the world living their lives, so many millions and millions of people. Just think about all those people out there. 

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, representatives from the Ambridge community, Abigail Investors, local church leaders, and BriMark Builders took part in a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Cobblestone Hotel  at 1111 New Economy Drive, Ambridge. The new 31 bedroom hotel will be at the corner of New Economy Drive and 11th street, directly between the Bottom Dollar grocery store and Trinity School for Ministry.