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“If you want to make the Lord laugh make plans.”  That’s what Archbishop Duncan told my fellow ordinands and me as we prepared for our futures in ministry. Well, church planting was not something my wife, Kate, and I had planned to do. In fact, I would say that we actively tried to avoid it over the years. Yet, our path of planting has proved the Archbishop right in more ways than one. We had no plans to do this, and most of our plans on how it would look and develop ended up looking completely different.

It never ceases to amaze me how much God can do through one leader. Just think about John Stott and all the millions of people around the world that have been influenced by him through his preaching and teaching, the initiatives he undertook, and the books he wrote. Admittedly, John Stott was an exceptional leader. But what he shows in abundance is seen to some extent in every leader. As the founders of the Church Missionary Society said, “Remember that, under God, everything depends upon the quality of people chosen.”

In 1976, SAMS-USA was founded as the American branch of the South American Missionary Society, a British organization that goes back to 1844. Trinity School for Ministry was also founded in 1976 and the two organizations shared quite a few founding board members in common. It’s not surprising that many of the early SAMS missionaries were some of the first graduates from Trinity!

Seal of the Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchMarch 15, 2016 - Trinity School for Ministry announced today that they have deepened their partnership with the Presbytery of the Alleghenies of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church with a formal agreement that has been approved by both Trinity’s Board of Trustees and the Presbytery. Under this partnership, Trinity has developed a Presbyterian Track for their Master of Divinity curriculum.

Dr. Phil Harrold, Associate Professor of Church History, will resign from full-time residential teaching at Trinity effectiveJune 30. He and his wife, Carol, hope to relocate to western Colorado this summer. Phil plans to continue teaching at Trinity in a variety of ways on an as-needed basis, including online teaching.