Residential: January 23 – May 12
BL630 Basic Hebrew – Russell Warren
BS825 Modern Hermeneutics – Dr. Don Collett
CH635 Medieval & Reformation History – Dr. Phil Harrold
ME500 Intro to World Mission – Dr. John Macdonald
ME699 Global Anglicanism – Dr. John Macdonald
ME755 Models of Church Planting – Dr. John Macdonald
NT500 Introduction to the New Testament – Dr. Peter Walker
NT638 Romans – Dr. Wesley Hill
NT700 Greek Exegesis – Dr. Rich Herbster
OT700 Hebrew Exegesis – Dr. Erika Moore
PT500 Spiritual Formation – Geoff Mackey
PT641 Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition – Duncan
PT648 Mentored Ministry – Heidengren
PT670 Introduction to Lutheran Liturgy – Dr. Amy Schifrin
PT685 Formation & Catechesis – Thyberg
PT770 Pastoral Leadership – Dr. Thompson
RW701 Theological Research & Writing – Susannah Hanson
ST550 Lutheran Confessions – Dr. David Yeago
ST635 God the Son – TBD
ST645 God the Holy Spirit – TBD
ST740 Modern Theology – Dr. Bill Witt
ST746 Reformed Theology (TBD) – TBD
ST750 Christian Ethics – Dr. Bill Witt