Residential: September 5th – December 15th
BI500 Biblical Interpretation – Dr. Wes Hill
BI825 Theological Interpretation (STM) – The Rev. Dr. Don Collett
BL631 Hebrew I – Russ Warren
BL650 Basic Greek – The Rev. Dr. Rich Herbster
BL651 Greek I – The Rev. Dr. Rod Whitacre
CH625 Early Church History – The Rev. Dr. David Ney
CH645 Anglican/Episcopal History –The Rev. Dr. David Ney
ME600 Evangelism and Church Planting – Dr. Rodger Woodworth
OT500 Introduction to the Old Testament – Dr. Erika Moore
NT628 The Gospel of John – Dr. Wesley Hill
PT550 Homiletics I – The Rev. Dr. Rich Herbster
PT550 Homiletics I – The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin
PT710 Pastoral Care and Counseling – TBD
RW701 Theological Research & Writing – Susannah Hanson
ST620 Apologetics – Dr. Bill Witt
ST625 God the Father – The Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett
ST660 Introduction to Theology I (Lutheran Focus) – Dr. David Yeago
ST760 Christian Social Ethics – Dr. Bill Witt
ST770 Anglican Way of Theology – Dr. Bill Witt
Residential Jan Intensive Week 1: January 8th – January 12th
BI900 Bible in Ministry & Mission (DMin) – The Rev. Dr. Rich Herbster
OT639/939 Isaiah – The Rev. Dr. Don Collett
PT650/950 Advanced Homiletics – The Rev. Dr. John W. Yates III & Dr. Sarah Hall
CH670 Modern Church (Lutheran focus)
Residential Jan Intensive Week 2: January 15th – January 19th
ME900 Ministry in Missiological Perspective (DMin) –  Dr. Bill Taylor
CH645/945 Anglican/Episcopal History
PT725/925 Pastoral Approaches to Mental Illness – Joanne Martin, LCSW
PT670 Introduction to Lutheran Liturgy
ST675/975 Engaging Beauty – Dr. Shirley Kilpatrick