Course Materials

JUNE 2016

June Term: June 6-24
DM 900Listening & Trusting in an Age of Complexity - The Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson
OT 700Hebrew Exegesis (2 weeks) - Dr. Don Collett
CH 725/925Classics in Christian Catechesis - Dr. Phil Harrold
ST 900Evangelical Theology - The Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry
PT 641Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition - The Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson
NT 636/936Galatians - Dr. Wesley Hill
RW 901Final Project Preparation - The Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson

Fall 2016
Registration opens July 6, 2016

Residential: September 6 - December 16
BI 500Biblical Interpretation - Dr. Wesley Hill
BL 650Basic Greek - Dr. Rich Herbster
BS 825Rule of Faith (STM) - Dr. Don Collett and Dr. David Yeago
CH 625Early Church History - Dr. Phil Harrold
CH 645Anglican/Episcopal History - Dr. Phil Harrold
ME 600Evangelism and Church Planting
OT 500Intro to Old Testament - Dr. Erika Moore
OT 637Hosea - Dr. Don Collett
PT 550Homiletics - Dr. Peter Walker
PT 600Proclaiming the Word of God - Dr. Amy Schifrin
PT 647Mentored Ministry - The Rev. John Heidengren
PT 710Pastoral Care - The Rev. John Heidengren
ST 540Creeds & Catechisms
ST 625God the Father - Dr. Joel Scandrett
ST 735World Religions - Dr. Bill Witt
ST 745Reformed Theology I - TBD
ST 755Christian Ethics in the Lutheran Tradition - Dr. David Yeago
ST 770Anglican Way of Theology - Dr. Bill Witt
ST 825Trinitarian Theology (STM) - Dr. Wesley Hill


Online: September 6 - December 16
CH 625-OLEarly Church History - Dr. Phil Harrold
ME 500-OLIntro to World Mission - Bishop Frank Lyons
NT 626-OLThe Gospel of Mark - Dr. Peter Walker
NT 700-OLGreek Exegesis - Dr. Peter Walker
PT 641-OLWorship in the Prayer Book Tradition - Dr. Laurie Thompson
ST 635-OLGod the Son: Incarnation, Reconciliation, & Salvation - Dr. Stephen Noll
ST 540-OLCreeds & Catechisms - Dr. David Yeago


Registrar, Stacey Williard:
Online Education, Russ Warren and Barbara Knecht:,
January & June Intensives, Dawn Bates: