Course Materials


Registration opens November 1, 2015; closes December 7, 2015

JanTerm Week 1: January 4-8
BI 900Using the Bible in Ministry & Mission - Don Collett
CH 680Theology & Writing of Luther (Lutheran Focus) - James Nestingen
PT 675/975Anglican Spirituality - Arnold Klukas
ST 645God the Holy Spirit: Church, Ministry, & Sacraments - Joel Scandrett
Jan 4-6Confessing the Faith - John Rodgers
JanTerm Week 2: January 11-15
ME 900Ministry in Missiological Perspective - Bill Taylor
PT 600Proclaiming the Word of God (Lutheran Focus) - Amy Schifrin
PT 676/976A Heart for God: Faith & Poetry, Middle Ages to 20th Century  (DMIn Syllabus)
PT 725/LW 925Reformation Liturgy - Frank Senn












Registration opens December 2, 2015; closes February 1, 2016

Residential: January 25 - May 10
BL 630Basic Hebrew - Dr. Rosa Lee Richards
BS 825New Testament Use of the Old - Dr. Erika Moore
CH 635Medieval and Reformation Church - Dr. Phil Harrold
ME 500Intro to World Mission - TBD
NT 500Intro to New Testament - Dr. Wesley Hill
NT 626The Gospel of Mark - Dr. Wesley Hill
NT 636Galatians - Dr. Wesley Hill
NT 700Greek Exegesis - The Rev. Dr. Rich Herbster
OT 625The Pentateuch - Dr. Erika Moore
OT 636Ezekiel - Dr. Erika Moore
OT 700Hebrew Exegesis - Dr. Don Collett
PT 500Spiritual Formation - The Rev. Canon Mary Hays
PT 641Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition - The Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson
PT 648Mentored Ministry - The Rev. Canon Mary Hays
PT 648Mentored Ministry - The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin
PT 670Intro to Lutheran Liturgy - The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin
PT 685Formation and Catechesis - Dr. Leslie Thyberg
PT 770Pastoral Leadership - The Rev. Canon Mary Hays
RW 701Theological Research and Writing - Susanah Hanson
ST 635God the Son: Incarnation, Reconciliation and Salvation - The Very. Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry
ST 645God the Holy Spirit: Church, Ministry and Sacraments - The Very. Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry
ST 670Intro to Theology II (Lutheran Focus) - Dr. David Yeago
ST 726/826Aquinas/Barth Seminar - Dr. Bill Witt
ST 750Christian Ethics - Dr. Bill Witt


Online: January 25 - May 10
BI 500-OLBiblical Interpretation - Dr. Don Collett
BL 650-OLBasic Greek - The Rev. Dr. Rich Herbster
CH 635-OLMedival and Reformation Church - Dr. Phil Harrold
CH 670-OLModern Church (Lutheran Focus) - Dr. James Nestingen
ME 600-OLEvangelism and Church Planting - Dr. Winfield Bevins
OT 646-OLEcclesiastes - Dr. Rosa Lee Richards
ST 550-OLLutheran Confessions - The Rev. Dr. Nathan Yoder
ST 635-OLGod the Son: Incarnation, Reconciliation and Salvation -TBD
ST 775-OLChristian Ethics in the Lutheran Tradition - Dr. David Yeago
ST 770-OLAnglican Way of Theology - TBD



Registrar, Stacey Williard:
Distance Learning, Geoff Mackey and Barbara Knecht:,
January & June Intensives, Dawn Bates: