Diploma in Christian Ministry

The Diploma in Christian Ministry (DCM) offers training for congregational lay ministry, leadership, and discipleship.


The DCM builds across the various Christian foundational and Biblical disciplines to form this program. The DCM also allows the students two electives to finish out this program for a total of 24 credits.


Dept                            Course ID                    Course Description


                                    BI600                           Intro to Biblical Languages & Interpretation

Old Testament                       

                                    OT625 or                     The Pentateuch

                                    OT635  or                    The Prophets

                                    OT645                         The Writings

New Testament          

                                    NT625 or                     The Gospels

                                    NT635 or                     Paul

                                    NT645                          Acts, General Epistles, and Revelation

Church History           

                                    CH625 or                     Early Church

                                    CH635 or                     Medieval & Reformation Church

                                    CH645                         Modern Church

Systematic Theology  

                                    ST625 or                      God the Father, the Creator

                                    ST635 or                      God the Son, the Reconciler or

                                    ST645                          God the Holy Spirit, the Redeemer

Pastoral Theology      

                                    PT500                          Spiritual Formation


                                    Two                             General Electives