Current Online Course Offerings

Please note the following details:

  • Students must have both a bachelor's degree and the necessary prerequisites to enroll in any of the courses below.
  • Each course is $345/credit hour or $1035 per three-credit course. The audit fee is $150 per three-credit course. Trinity's online courses also carry a $100 technology fee per class. (Contact the Director of the Center for Distance Learning for details on participating in our auditing program.)
  • For a description of each course please see the Academic Catalog

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First Time Students: Please email Stacey Williard if you are enrolling for the first time. If you would like to register to audit a course, please complete an audit application and return with payment to the Registrar.


Fall 2014 Online Course Offerings
(Registration opens June 25, 2014)

  • NT 500 - Introduction to New Testament - The Rev. Dr. Peter Walker

  • NT 700 - Greek Exegesis (prerequisite: BL 650) - The Rev. Dr. Peter Walker

  • ME 500 - Introduction to Global Mission - The Rev. Canon Dr. John Macdonald

  • PT 641 - Conducting Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition - The Rev. Deacon Dr. Tara Jernigan

  • ST 645 - God the Holy Spirit: Church, Ministry, and Sacraments - The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll

  • NT 635 - 1st Corinthians - Dr. Wesley Hill

  • ST 660 – Introduction to Theology I (Lutheran Focus) - Dr. David Yeago