Parish Resources

From Extension Ministries at Trinity School for Ministry

The Church is in need of well-trained lay people (youth through adults) who can articulate a faithful and compassionate gospel message within the context of everyday life. Extension Ministries has developed materials that will help create a mission shaped Church for our time! Trinity has six excellent education workbooks for old and young that can help you take that first step toward excellent training in your parish or ministry community.

The Christian Foundations Program

Our Christian Foundations Program was developed for those who already have a Christian worldview but need a reliable ‘substructure' of accessible and reliable theological training. The titles available in workbook format are:

  • Looking at the Old Testament, by Stephen F. Noll
  • New Testament Writers and Writings, by Leslie P. and Lynn J. Fairfield
  • Confessing the Faith, by Ray Smith
  • Exploring the Church's Past, by Leslie P. Fairfield

Additional study may done in the areas of:

  • The Episcopal Ethos, by Leslie P. Fairfield
  • Worship, by Rosalind Brown and Mimi Farra

How Do I Get These? The instructional binders can be shipped to addresses in the US and Canada for US$33.00 each plus postage.  To order, call or email Dawn Bates in Extension Ministries' office: 724-266-3838 x 227 or