Sabbaticals and Retreats at Trinity

Welcome! Thank you for looking to Trinity School for Ministry (TSM) for your study, retreat, or sabbatical. It is a part of our ministry to make the campus available for study or prayer for those who wish to come here.

Our Ability to Serve: God has provided for the school generously, but there are limits on our ability to accommodate visitors.  We will review each application, taking into consideration the needs of other applicants and of existing students.  As a part of good stewardship, we ask those who visit us to pay a $25/day or $100/week fee. 


  • Permission to attend classes, subject to prior instructor consent.
  • Access to the library during its announced hours of operation. Application will need to be made for any library staff support.
  • Permission to attend scheduled events, such as Chapel services, Dean's Hour, and other presentations.
  • Permission to purchase lunch at cost on days when lunch is served.
  • Wi-fi available with request for guest password.
  • Introduction to Trinity Community housing hosts, strictly subject to availability.


  1. Visitor must be responsible for his/her own health insurance, and provide documentary evidence thereof satisfactory to TSM prior to the start of the visit.
  2. No visit may exceed 14 weeks unless a defined extension of time is documented by the Academic Dean.  If such an exceptional extension is granted, the deadline established thereby will be final.
  3. Visitors who wish to request housing must fill out and submit the Housing Form no later than 4 weeks in advance of their arrival.  The housing form will be made available after application is accepted. We offer no assurance that housing will be available.  Other forms of housing may be arranged independently by the Visitor. 
  4. Individual meetings with faculty members may be available, but will be arranged at each faculty members' discretion, subject to the needs of existing students.
  5. Visitors are to engage in class meetings in the role of auditors and may only participate more actively at the express invitation of the instructor.
  6. Restrictions apply to January and June Term weeks when guests will be required to register for classes & events.


Please apply to the Academic Dean's office 724.266.3838 or

Thank you for your interest in Trinity School for Ministry!