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Trinity is a graduate-level seminary that defines itself as a school for ministry. We seek to integrate scholarship with practical training. Our academic program is based on certain foundational principles, including a Christ-centered worldview, outreach, and theological education as a lifelong process.

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Coming to seminary is a major commitment. Although training for ministry in a Christian community is a joyful experience, it can also be a difficult and stressful time. Therefore, before they apply, applicants should have talked with their rector or pastor and other experienced Christian leaders, taken counsel from spiritual elders, friends, and most importantly, sought God's leading in prayer.

Applicants should carefully consider their financial budget for their time at seminary. They should explore all possible sources of funding, particularly from their local congregation, diocese or governing church body. Additional information is available under Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid.

Application Deadlines:
- Fall 2016 Deadline: July 15, 2016

Contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment.


Is Trinity a college or a school?

Trinity is an accredited seminary offering Masters and Doctoral level degree programs. Click HERE to see a complete list of our degree programs. Thank you!

I am interested in pursuing the Diploma in Anglican Studies. Please send me the application, which I could not find on your website.
Thank you

Thank you for your interest in our Diploma in Anglican Studies program! Our admission application and a helpful checklist are found here: In addition, please feel free to contact the Admissions Administrator, for more information. 1-800-874-8754