On Sunday afternoon, October 11th, 2015, 100 people gathered in Northern Virginia to do two things. First, they came to honor A. Hugo Blankingship, Jr. and his wife Sally. Second, they came to be generous.

Hugo is an emeritus Trustee of Trinity School for Ministry, an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. Trinity recently launched a new program to help form Hispanic church leaders (see below for more information about the program). Elizabeth Lewis, one of Trinity’s Trustees, appealed to Hugo asking if he was willing to lend his good name and reputation to help the school raise the needed resources to start a scholarship fund for the program. He agreed, but added in characteristic humility that he was willing only so long as the focus was on helping the school. The event on October 11 marked the official launch of this scholarship. Guests at the event viewed a video (see below) which describes both the Spanish language program and the new A. Hugo Blankingship, Jr. Scholarship Fund which supports it.

Hugo grew up in Cuba where his Father was the Episcopal Bishop. From an early age, he developed a life-long love of the Cuban and Spanish-speaking people, and a deep concern that the Christian church prosper among them, particularly the Anglican expression of Christianity. This is exactly why Trinity has created the Spanish language Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies. Students in this program will get a solid foundation in Anglican theology and worship so that they can plant, renew, and grow Spanish language congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ. Because of financial need, a scholarship program is essential to the success of this course of study.

To date, Trinity has received more than $100,000 in contributions to this scholarship fund. Thank you to those who have already contributed. If you would like to honor Hugo and partner with Trinity in this important work, please click on the Donate button below.

For more information, please contact:
Jack Walsh
Director of Planned Giving


About Hugo
A. Hugo Blankingship, Jr. is the former chancellor and deputy chair for the Anglican Church in North America. He practiced as a lawyer in Northern Virginia for 55 years, and is past president of both the Virginia Bar Association and the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners. He is the son of the Rt. Rev. Alexander Hugo Blankingship, who was Bishop of Cuba from 1939 to 1961. He has earned a BA from the University of Virginia and an LLB from the University of Virginia School of Law. Previously, he served on the boards of trustees for Episcopal High School, Virginia Theological Seminary and Trinity School for Ministry, and as chancellor for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.
Together with Paul Terpak, he has represented many landowners and condemning authorities in eminent domain cases. Since 1988, he has been editor of the Virginia Continuing Legal Education handbook entitled Eminent Domain: State and Federal. His clients have included large, national companies, state and local government agencies and individual property and business owners. He also has been involved in some of the largest eminent domain cases in the region, including the condemnation of a major utility company by a local government. He has served as a director of Burke & Herbert Bank and Trust Co. and also as Chairman of the City of Fairfax Economic Development Authority. He also has served as counsel to several distinguished institutions with national prominence.
The Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies
Spanish-speaking congregations are some of the fastest growing Anglican churches in North and South America. While there are many excellent theology programs taught in Spanish, very few of them come from an Anglican perspective. This leaves Spanish speaking Anglican seminarians with gaps in their education, especially in subjects like Anglican theology, worship, and history. 
Trinity School for Ministry’s Spanish language Post-graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies is designed to provide robust, graduate-level training in the essentials of Anglicanism for native Spanish speakers, giving them the formation they need to be effective ministers of the Gospel in an evangelical Anglican context. This two-year program includes seven courses on the distinctives of Anglicanism. All of the courses are taught online, allowing students to stay in their ministry context as they study.