Christian Faith and Same-Sex Attraction:
Finding Paths to Ministry

Conference at Trinity School for Ministry
October 10-11, 2014


7:00 PM Introduction of conference theme and speakers – Wesley Hill
7:15 PM “Understanding Sexual Identity” Mark Yarhouse




9:00 AM “Beyond the Culture Wars: Listening to LGBTQ People in the Parish Today” Melinda Selmys
10:30 AM Breakout Sessions:
  “Ministering to LGBTQ Youth” Mark Yarhouse
  “Celibacy in the Time Between the Times”Wesley Hill
  “Transgender Questions and Christian Theology”Melinda Selmys
  “Sacrifice and Sublimation: Understanding Same-Sex Desire”Eve Tushnet
12:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM  “Spiritual Friendship: Celibacy as a Call to Love”Wesley Hill
2:45 PM Breakout Sessions:
  “Ministering to Parents of LGBTQ Children”Mark Yarhouse
  “Christian Marriage According to St. Paul: Reading Romans 1 in Context”Wesley Hill
  “What is a ‘Mixed-Orientation Marriage’?”Melinda Selmys
  “Discipleship is a Journey, Not a Destination” Eve Tushnet
4:00 PM Panel Discussion: Mark Yarhouse, Wesley Hill, Melinda Selmys, Eve Tushnet