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The Church is in need of well-trained lay people (youth through adults) who can articulate a faithful and compassionate gospel message within the context of everyday life. Lifelong Learning, in partnership with Whitchurch Resources and the Robert Webber Center, has developed materials that will help create a mission shaped Church for our time! 

The Good Shepherd, a Theological Journey of 1,000 Years
Beginning with the 23rd Psalm, Dr. Kenneth Bailey shows how different biblical authors play on this Good Shepherd theme, adapting it for their own times and circumstances. From the prophets, to Jesus, to Peter, see what the Lord has to say about his relationship to his people like a shepherd with his flock. Dr. Kenneth Bailey is a New Testament scholar who spent most of his academic career teaching at colleges and universities in the Middle East. He brings a unique cultural perspective to his reading of the Scriptures, sharing his insight from years of living near the places where the Bible was written.
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A Video Companion to the Jesus Way

In its initial resource project, the Robert E. Webber Center at Trinity School for Ministry has produced a video introduction to Christian discipleship based on the book The Jesus Way by The Rev. Dr. Peter Walker, professor of New Testament at Trinity School for Ministry. This book and video series are an excellent resource for introducing Christians and non-Christians alike to what it means to follow Jesus.
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Christian Foundations Program

The Christian Foundations Program is a multi-module training program designed to train lay people by promoting personal growth through individual or small group study. We hope to encourage and strengthen Christian discipleship and witness for all members of Christ’s body by the spiritual formation inherent in study that is biblically sound and theologically orthodox.The titles available in workbook format are:
  • Looking at the Old Testament, by Stephen F. Noll
  • New Testament Writers and Writings, by Leslie P. and Lynn J. Fairfield
  • Confessing the Faith, by Ray Smith
  • Exploring the Church’s Past, by Leslie P. Fairfield
  • The Episcopal Ethos, by Leslie P. Fairfield
  • Worship for Today’s Church, by Rosalind Brown and Mimi Farra

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