The Design

The Doctor of Ministry Study Program is designed for working clergy. Courses are offered twice a year and are designed with pre-course and post coursework to be completed at home. Thus, you will only be away from your leadership assignment a week per course taken. Further, you may take between five or six years to complete your studies. Total number of credits required: 36.

The Rationale

Renewed Clarity of Theological Vision
Amidst the infinite tasks of ministry leadership, it is too often the case that leaders become smothered in administrative details and connections between theological principle and day to day practices become either lost or scrambled. The Doctor of Ministry Program is intended to help you carve out intentional space to listen to God, listen to yourself and reflect theologically with others. We invite students also to locate their story in light of the Great Story of Scripture as we engage in the task of biblical theology.

Updated and Refined Pastoral Skills
Pastors and all Christian leaders face an unstable environment. (David Halpern’s study reveals that only 34% of Americans believe that other people can be trusted.) In response to this, Christian leaders are compelled to address both issues of skill competency and ongoing moral formation. The Doctor of Ministry Program equips leaders to deepen their strengths and gain additional formation to raise their level as effective leaders.

Broader Resources of Collegial Networks
In an environment of instability and distrust, isolation can quietly creep into the office of the leaders. The Doctor of Ministry program intentionally recruits leaders from a diverse group of settings including nine denominations, twelve countries, both genders, and ministries that reflect traditional parish structures as well as non-traditional initiatives. The relationships that form in the Doctor of Ministry program allow colleagues a place where the safety of mutual understanding is conjoined with the re-invigoration of friends who look at ministry in very different ways.

Heightened Capability
Good theological reflection and interaction can only happen in an environment of faithful prayer. Trinity’s Doctor of Ministry Program invites students to discard an oppressive hermeneutic of suspicion and engage their ongoing studies and reflection in a context of faith and belief.

The Method

The Doctor of Ministry Program at Trinity School for Ministry seeks to help ministers of the Gospel to SHARE within a college of transformational leaders for Christ. The five required courses are designed to help a student do the following:

S See a problem in ministry (DM 900)
H Hear the biblical story (BI 900)
A Assign a discipline to the research (ME 900)
R Reflect on theological implications (ST 900)
E Enter into the writing process (RW 901)

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Deadline to apply for June is March 1st.  |  Deadline to apply for January is October 1st.

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