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Biblical Studies


Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Director of the STM Program


BA summa cum laude, Wheaton College, 1979
MA summa cum laude, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1984
PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2003


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to help students shape their understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith and ministry. My approach to teaching involves both imparting knowledge and piquing curiosity to stimulate students to research beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Students are encouraged to actively participate in my classes through presentations, discussion groups, and dialog. I seek to intellectually challenge the students and encourage them in their pursuits. I believe that a professor’s excitement, enthusiasm, and sense of humor facilitate learning in the classroom.

Research Interests:

The implications of 20th century archaeological discoveries for the doctrine of Scripture; the implications of apostolic use of Second Temple interpretive methods and traditions for hermeneutics; messianic expectation in Hellenistic Judaism, especially as it relates to the Septuagint; the pastoral implications of Ezekiel’s four visions; the relationship between Zechariah 9-14 and the synoptic Passion narratives.

Speaking Topics:


Biblical Theology

The Old Testament