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Theology, Ethics, and Church History


Associate Professor of Church History



BS, Olivet Nazarene University, 1978
MS, University of Kansas, 1985
MA, Denver Seminary, 1991
PhD, University of Chicago-Divinity School, 2001


Church history is my field of study and a source of inspiration in my walk of faith.  I enjoy learning new insights with my students and putting those insights to work in life, witness, and mission today.  This is what it means to receive and pass on the Great Tradition, and I am grateful to be part of that project at Trinity.



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 (I also review books for Pro Ecclesia and Books & Culture).

Research Interests:

I am presently writing a book on the history of Christian catechesis entitled Habitus: Ancient Wisdom for the Christian Way of Life [Cascade Press, forthcoming] and researching 18th-century English evangelical understandings of the doctrine of union with Christ. Several articles and speaking opportunities related to these topics are in the works for the coming year

Speaking Topics:

–“Alexander Winchell and the Theory of Preadamism: A Case Study in Late Nineteenth-Century Scientific Racism,” (from M.A. Thesis) presented at the Regional Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Scientific Affiliation, Morrison, Colorado, 1991.

–“Evolutionary Implications of Augustine’s Cosmology,” Regional Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Scientific Affiliation, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1990.

–“How to Be Religious and Modern: Case Studies of Religious Deconversion in a Midwestern Academic Community, 1870-1900,” American Society of Church History, Spring Meeting, Tallahassee, Florida, 1998.

–“Memories of College Revivals in Modernist Deconversion Narratives,” American Academy of Religion, Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, 2000.

–“Devotion to a Larger Whole”: Translations of Religious Habitus in Early Protestant Modernism,” American Academy of Religion, Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, 2000.

–“’A Great Antagonism’: The Conflict between Faith and Learning in Student Cultures of American Universities in the Late Nineteenth century,” Christianity & the Soul of the University Conference, Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning and the Council of Christian Scholarly Societies, Baylor University, 25-27 March 2004.

–“Sentiment, Sympathy, and Spirituality in an Early Pragmatist Academic Community,” Midwest American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Chicago, 9 April, 2005.

–“Smuggling for God: What the Emerging Church Movement Can Learn from C. S. Lewis’s Incarnational Aesthetic,” C. S. Lewis Summer Institute, 2-6 August, 2005, Cambridge University.

–“Varieties of ‘Turning From’: Modernist Deconversion Narratives in a Midwestern Academic Community,” American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, November, 2005.

–“The Sympathetic Imagination: Healing the Wounds of Individualism in the Incarnational Aesthetics of C. S. Lewis,” Frances White Ewbank Colloquium: C. S. Lewis and Friends, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana, 1-4 June 2006.

–“The Didache as Corollary Apologetic: Ancient-Future Reflections on Today’s Presented: Missional Church,” Ancient Faith for the Church’s Future Conference, Wheaton, Illinois, April 2007.

–Presenter, “The ‘New Monasticism’ as Ancient-Future Belonging: Imagination and Memory in the Emerging Church.” American Academy of Religion—Chicago, November 2008.

–Retreat leader with Martha Giltinan, Parish Retreat: “Lively Faith: The Three Dimensions of Anglican Spirituality,” St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, 30-31 October 2009.

–Speaker, “Anglican Catechesis in a Mission-Shaped Church: Implications for the Anglican 1000 Church-Planting Vision,” Church Planting Roundtable, Trinity School for Ministry, 17-19 June 2010.

–Workshop speaker, “Fresh Expressions: Church Plants in England, Yesterday and Today,” New Wineskins Conference, 8-11 April 2010 [and forthcoming 5 April 2013].

–Guest lecturer, “Fresh Expressions—An Introduction,” 40th Annual Diocesan Convention, Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota, Bismarck, North Dakota, 29-30 October 2010.

–Guest lecturer, “Englishing the Scriptures and Evangelizing the Nation: The Theology of Translation in the King James Bible,” Fourteenth Annual St. Andrew’s Lecture, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA, 11 November 2011.

–Visiting lecturer, “Fresh Expressions in Church History,” Cambridge Federation Intensive Course, Cambridge University, U.K., 14-16 January 2013.

–Guest lecturer, Anglican Studies Program-Anglican History Intensive, Rocky Mountain Network of the Anglican Mission in America, Denver, Colorado, 10-11 August 2012.

–Presenter, “Amazing Grace, Spiritual Apprehension, and Peacemaking in the Evangelical Spirituality of John Newton,” Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality Conference,” University of Notre Dame, Indiana [forthcoming: 29 June – 2 July, 2013).