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Theology, Ethics, and Church History


Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics


BA, Rockmont College, 1977
MA summa cum laude, St. Thomas Seminary, 1981
PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1993


When I began my doctoral studies, I had just been confirmed as an Episcopalian. Originally, I had intended to major in Historical Theology, but switched to Systematics after reading in Stephen Sykes classic work The Integrity of Anglicanism, that Anglican theology had lost its way in the 20th century because of a neglect of Systematic Theology. After finishing my degree, I had always hoped to teach Systematic Theology at an orthodox Episcopal seminary, but did not find work after graduation, and turned to other ways to make a living. After a few years outside Academia, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview at Trinity, and was given the opportunity to be a one year Visiting Professor. When Justyn Terry became the new Dean/President, this left an opening in Systematic Theology, and I was hired.

Research Interests:

Bill’s research interests are historical and contemporary theology; the relation between Medieval and Reformation theology; spiritual theology and the history of Christian spirituality; theological methodology; philosophical theology, especially, the transformation of classical epistemology and metaphysics by the uniquely Christian doctrines of creation, incarnation, and grace.

Speaking Topics:

C.S. Lewis and the Inklings

Issues in philosophical theology

Thomas Aquinas

Karl Barth

English and Anglican Divines and spiritual writers (Julian of Norwich, Walter Hilton, George Herbert, Thomas Traherne, etc.)

Topics in Systematic Theology