Aaron Zimmerman

A Solid Grounding

After graduation, I began working as Assistant Rector at St. Stephen's Church in Sewickley, PA. My main responsibility is building a new ministry to people in their twenties and thirties. We call it Anchor, reflecting both our firm grounding in the gospel of Christ crucified (1 Cor 1:23), as well as our desire to be a stable place of community and connection for people in a stage of life that is full of transitions. We are beginning a six-week dinner-and-discussion series called "The Gospel According to The Office" in which we watch an episode of the hit TV series and use it to open discussions about the universal human realities it presents. I have found life after seminary to be rewarding, invigorating, and just a real thrill. I feel like I'm now being paid to do things I've always done simply because I love doing them. Trinity has given me a solid grounding – theologically and pastorally – for this work in that it helped me see the reality of the human condition (the world, the flesh, and the devil), as well as how the gospel offers real hope and grace to the very real struggles of life.

Aaron Zimmerman
MDiv 2008


Aaron Zimmerman, the Trinity School for Ministry has prepared you for service! I remember the days of Bible Study, where you lead group of men and women in St. Martin's Episcopal Church. I believe you, Trinity has given you a real solid ground to standing for Christ and his Church. God bless you in your ministry for him.

Rev. Agook Kuol