The Rev. Dr. Rodney A. Whitacre

Biblical Studies
Professor of Biblical Studies

BA, Gordon College, 1973
MTS, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1976
PhD, Cambridge University, 1981
DD, Cranmer Theological House, 2000


I try to help students engage in careful study of the Scriptures with a view to knowing God better and being better disciples. Such careful study includes detailed work in individual passages, especially in the original languages, with attention to the literary, historical, theological and spiritual dimensions of the text. Such study also includes placing each passage in the context of the whole of Scripture through Biblical Theology and appreciation of the overarching unity of Scripture amidst its diversity.

Research Interests: 
Rod's research interests include Biblical Theology, Hellenistic and Patristic Greek, John's Gospel and the Early Church Fathers.
Speaking Topics: 
Discipleship According to St. John (1-5 week series)
Discipleship According to St. Paul (1-5 week series)
Discipleship According to the Sermon on the Mount (1-5 week series)
Introduction to Contemplative Forms of Prayer (1-4 week series)
St. Paul's Letter to the Ephesians (1-8 week series)
The Book of Revelation (1-8 week series)
Survey of the New Testament (10 week series)