June 2016


June Term is designed with distance students in mind. Evangelical Anglican formation can start here with a 5-day seminary class, or one of our conferences events. June Term includes daily worship, witness, meals, and study in community. It is an excellent way to learn a lot in a very brief period of time as well as to see the campus and get a sense for seminary study at Trinity. Join us at June Term for academic study, continuing education or personal enrichment.

Event Registration opens March 1.
Intensive Registration opens April 6.


Week 1: June 6-10Week 2: June 13-17
CH725/975 Classics in Christian Catechesis
Dr. Philip Harrold
NT 636/936 Galatians
Dr. Wesley Hill
DM 900 Listening & Trusting
The Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson
PT 641 Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition
OT 700 Hebrew Exegesis
Dr. Don Collett
OT 700 Hebrew Exegesis
Dr. Don Collett
PT670 Lutheran Liturgy
The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin
ST 900 Evangelical Theology
The Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry


Spirit and Sacrament
Integrating Modern Worship & Traditional Liturgy
Andy Piercy | Glenn Packiam | John Witvliet
June 6-8

Ancient Evangelical Future Conference 2016
Christian Formation in a Post-Christian World
Peter Leithart | Michael Gorman | D H Williams
June 9-10

Healing and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Nigel Mumford | June 13-14

For more information on June Term, please contact 
Dawn Bates, Manager of Interterms
dbates@tsm.edu or 724-266-3838