March 21-22 | Trinity School for Ministry

Trinity School for Ministry and The Stanway Institute invite you to come join us as we learn about God’s continuing mission to make Himself known to all nations.  Numerous short talks will be given throughout the day by missionaries and supporters working to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. All Christians are called to be about this work, whether we are missionaries or supporters of missionaries; so please, join us for this informative and challenging conference!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

6:00 pm Trinity Mission Day Welcome and International Dinner (Trinity Commons Hall) AGMP Members and Guests Invited

7:00 pm TSM Plenary Speaker.

8:30 pm Adjourn

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

8:30 am Celebration of Holy Eucharist, John Guernsey, Bishop of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic Preaching, (Trinity Chapel)

10:00 am Coffee Reception, (Trinity Commons Hall; AGMP Exhibits Open)

10:30 am TSM Dean’s Hour, (Trinity Academic Building, Room 101),  Lisa Espineli Chinn, Ministry Coach & Past National Director, International Student Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA

12:00 Noon Lunch, AGMP Partners with Assigned TSM Leadership Formation Groups (Assigned Rooms)

1:30 pm AGMP Partners Mission TED Talks (Trinity Academic Building, Room 101)

3:00 pm Meet & Greet: TED Talk Speakers, (Trinity Commons Hall: Exhibits Open)

3:30 pm AGMP Pre-Gathering Workshop (TSM Students Invited), Reaching the World in Your Neighborhood: Blessings for Mission Agencies, Churches, Ministries, Leiton Chinn, Lausanne Movement, Intervarsity , Christian Fellowship USA, (Trinity Commons Hall)

4:30 pm Evening Prayer, (Trinity Chapel)

Time TED Talk Schedule
1:30-1:45 Mission: It’s What We Do! For the Whole Bible Tells Me So, The Rev. Bishop Jim Hobby, The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh
1:502:05 Teenagers in the Church: Longing to Make a Difference Reach Them; Grab Them; Grow with Them, The Rev. Dr. Steven Tighe, PhD, President, La Frontera Ministries
2:10-2:25 Who Is My Neighbor? A Contemporary Mission Response to an Ancient Question, Lisa Chinn, Past National Director of International Student Ministry; Current Ministry Coach, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA
2:30-2:45 Fit Bit: Exercise God’s Mission, Mrs. Jenny Noyes, Executive Director, New Wineskins Missionary Network
2:30-2:45 Medical Missions in Northern Nigeria: Partnering with the Persecuted Church, Ven. Tom Furrer, President, Kateri Medical Services, Inc.
2:50-3:05 Captain Underpants: Advancing the Kingdom across America one pair of briefs at a time, The Rev. Byran Bywater, Officer and Connecticut Regional Director, Church Army USA
2:50-3:05 Signs & Wonders Throughout the Muslim World The Rev. Christopher Royer, Director, Anglican Frontier Missions