Fire in Trinity's Kitchen

On Thursday, October 20, 2011, Trinity School for Ministry experienced a fire in the Commons Hall kitchen. This kitchen has been in the process of renovation and expansion since the beginning of the summer.

As workers were installing the fire suppression hood above the stove, sparks generated by a welding torch caught the paper backing of the ceiling insulation on fire and spread through the entire ceiling area. Thankfully, the fire was contained between the dry wall ceiling of that room and the roof. It did not spread beyond that area though some of the wood rafters were scorched as well.

The building inspector was on site shortly after the fire had been put out and confirmed that there was not any damage that would compromise the structure. A massive cleanup of the entire Commons Hall building is already underway. The new appliances do not appear to have been damaged but some of the new construction will need to be replaced.

Bob Chesky, Trinity's Director of Facilities, commented that "although it is frustrating that we were just days away from completing the project, it is very fortunate that no one was hurt." Please continue to pray for the conclusion of this project.

Trinity Wishes to thank the many firefighters for their quick response.


a fire watch

Was there not a fire watch with a co2 extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

There was a fire extinguisher (and the workers did use it), but the fire spread too rapidly through the ceiling to put it out in this way.

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