Free Course with Rev. Dr. Rod Whitacre

Rev Dr Rod Whitacre Revelation Series

Trinity School for Ministry will offer a FREE course on the Book of Revelation, taught by the Rev. Dr. Rod Whitacre. This series will be video-recorded, so participants will have the opportunity to be a part of the live studio audience!

Sessions will take place on campus in room 101:

Wednesdays from 7pm - 9pm
October 16 - November 20, 2013


Challenge and Comfort

The last book of the Bible fascinates some people, scares others, and confuses yet others. Indeed, some people have all three reactions! This strange book, when interpreted by the clues it provides, shows us how God’s revelation in the past and His work throughout history, from beginning to end, all fit together in Christ.

Through this book we are given

Revelation of St John the Divine

(1) a glimpse of the majesty of God,

(2) insight into His assessment of human history and His plan for humanity, and

(3) a challenge to be faithful to our sovereign and gracious Lord in our own time. It is a book for all seasons that offers us both the challenge and the comfort of the Gospel.

No reservation, no sign-up.  Seats are first-come, first-served.



The photo of the Greek letters appearing on Fr Whitacre's head are very accurate! I was very impressed when I realized he was reading from the Gospel of John in Greek while speaking to his students in English!!

Missed opportunity, darn it!

Wish I had checked in more regularly so I could have attended the 1st session. Can we access tapings of individual sessions to keep current?


Video Access


The short answer is no, the videos are not yet available. You are still able and encouraged to attend the coming sessions. You can 'catch up' with the course by chatting with someone who attended the previous session and be sure to ask for the previous session's notes.

Blessings, Chris-

Work Travel and Final Class

I have to travel out of town for work the final week of this class. I wasn't sure if this lecture would fill up since it's "first come, first served." Would it would acceptable for me to attend the 5 sessions, then catch the final lecture on video in the Spring (and/or obtain lecture notes from Dr. Whitacre)?

I didn't want to take a seat in the class if someone else is able to attend all 6 classes.

Thank you for offering this free lecture series. What a blessing to Christians who thirst for me education in the Word.


Class Attendance


Thanks for your question. As I understand, each class will be on first-come basis. Please feel free to come to one or all of the classes! There should be ample space available.


Thank you

Thank you in advance for such a wonderful gift! I look forward to watching in the Spring and learning even more about the book of Revelation. May this be the first in a series!

Book of Revelation course

I would very much like to take this course but due to the time difference I will have a conflict with the day--but particularly the time. Is there anyway I can hear the lectures at another day? Thanks!

Revelation Lecture Availability

Thanks for your inquiry, and YES! This lecture will be recorded and made available. Our aim is to produce it for release in spring 2014. We will publicize its release, so please check back.


Is Rod's lecture available yet?

Lecture Series Availability

I'm sorry to say that as of October 2014, this series has not yet entered production. Due to the production schedule of other videos and conferences we have pushed back the release. However, Rev. Dr Whitacre's series on Revelation has just moved back to priority and we plan to have it available as soon as possible. Thanks for your prayers in getting this and other projects completed.

Available to distance students?

Hello! Will this free class be available to distance students as well? Thank you!

Distance Education Availability

Thanks for your interest and your comment. Unfortunately, the Revelation lecture will not be simulcast/immediately available to distance learners, but we do have you in mind. While this lecture will be a free course, it is only offered on campus (at this time). Our aim is to produce it for release in spring 2014.

The distance students

The distance students thank-you!

Revelation on-line

Will this be available for viewing later if I cannot view at the scheduled time?

Later Viewing

Yes, this lecture will be recorded and made available. We are on schedule to release the course lecture in the spring of next year. Thanks for your interest and support.

Long distance learning

Will this class be available for long distance learners on-line?

Karla Helton

Online Availability

Karla, Thanks for your question. Due to the nature of our classroom studio, we are not able to simulcast this lecture for distance learners. We are considering it for the future, however this course will be produced and released sometime in the spring of 2014.
Blessings, Chris-

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