Trinity Develops Whitchurch Resources


As a part of its mission to be a global center for Christian formation, Trinity School for Ministry is pleased to announce the development of Whitchurch Resources, a publishing arm of the seminary. This new ministry of the school will produce books, DVD’s, and tracts, providing parishes with orthodox resources from a trusted source.

The name “Whitchurch” comes from a man named Edward Whitchurch, a notable protestant at the time of the English reformation. Along with his friend Robert Grafton, Whitchurch published the Matthew’s Bible, the Great Bible, and the first and second editions of the Book of Common Prayer (1549 & 1552). At the time of Thomas Cranmer’s imprisonment, Whitchurch was among those who cared for his family and after Cranmer’s execution, Whitchurch married his widow.

The tremendous response to recent publications such as A Video Companion to The Jesus Way and the Advent and Lenten Devotional series (which now reaches more than 18,000 readers) have demonstrated a clear need for similar resources. In the future, Whitchurch Resources will publish curricula from the Robert Webber Center, books from members of the Trinity Faculty, and other resources which are aligned with the mission of the school.

 Currently in Production 


  • Updated and expanded edition of Lift High the Cross: the History of Trinity School for Ministry by Janet Leighton
  • The Good Shepherd: A Theological Journey of 1,000 Years, a DVD series by Dr. Kenneth Bailey


This Story Can Be Found In

The Seed and Harvest - Fall 2013 Edition


Advent Devotional

Please send me the 2013 Advent Devotional. A friend showed it to me.
**Post edited by administrator**

Advent Devotional Request

Ms Singer, Thanks for your post and your interest in our Advent Devotional. I have passed your contact information on to our development office, as they handle all the requests and mailings. Someone should contact you soon.  I am not aware if there are booklets available at this time, but there are alternatives if it may be convenient for you. The devotional is made available on our website by clicking here, or you can click here to sign up to receive an email version of the devotional each morning.  God Bless,  Charles-

Whitchurch Publishing

If there is any way to get a hold, get permission, and republish some of the early CPC tracts (circa 1950s and 60s) they were very theologically sound. The company itself is out of business. thank you. blessings.

CPC Tracts

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your post, I don't know about those publications myself. As you may know, the school was founded in the 70s, so I'm sure we don't already hold copyrights. I will pass this information along to find out more. Thanks again, take care. Charles-

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