Adjunct Faculty

Biblical Studies

The Rev. Dr. Ross Blackburn

The Rev. Dr. Dean Brady

Dr. Sarah Hall

The Rev. Rich Herbster

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Linebaugh

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll

Rosa Lee Richards

Dr. Allen Ross

Russ Warren

Pastoral Theology

The Rt. Rev. Greg Brewer

The Rev. Dr. Jack Gabig

The Rev. Dr. Leander Harding

The Rev. Canon Mary Hays

The Rev. Dr. Tara Jernigan

The Rev. Dr. Arnie Klukas

The Rev. Chris Leighton

Holly Rankin-Zaher

Systematic Theology

The Rev. James Merrick

The Right Rev. Dr. John Rodgers

The Rev. Dr. Rob Sanders

Missions & Evangelism

The Rev. Jim Hobby

Dr. Bill Taylor


Church History

The Rev. Dr. Cal Lane

Beth Priest



The Rev. John Guest