Reasons for Choosing Trinity

Why choose Trinity?

  1. Trinity faculty has a strong commitment to teaching and spiritual formation in the evangelical Anglican tradition, as well as to scholarly and popular writing.
  2. Trinity faculty has an equally strong commitment to pastoral practice, and brings to the classroom many years of leadership experience.
  3. Trinity faculty and staff share their lives as well as their expertise with students and alumni.
  4. Trinity is committed to urban mission and is set in a former steel town.
  5. Trinity works hard to make theological education affordable, keeping tuition costs down, offering needs-based scholarships, and having inexpensive accommodation.
  6. Trinity offers a wide range of courses to meet different training needs.
  7. Trinity has alumni serving in many parts of the States and of the world.
  8. Trinity is an international crossroads for evangelical Anglicanism, creating a network of friends and supporters around the world.
  9. Trinity is a leader in Gospel mission for all parts of US Anglicanism and is surrounded by mission agencies in Ambridge including: Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS), Christian Mission among Jewish people (CMJ), New Wineskins Missionary Network, the Brotherhood of St Andrews, and Rock the World.
  10. Trinity is committed to raising-up teachers and leaders for the Global South, with special links to Uganda Christian University and the Alexandria School of Theology in Egypt.
  11. Trinity deliberately builds bridges of friendship across Anglican and Episcopal jurisdictions.
  12. Trinity faculty, staff and students worship and pray together, study and play together, forming a rare depth of Christian community.