Spanish-speaking congregations are some of the fastest growing Anglican churches in North and South America. While there are many excellent theology programs taught in Spanish, very few of them come from an Anglican perspective. This leaves Spanish speaking Anglican seminarians with gaps in their education, especially in subjects like Anglican theology, worship, and history.

Trinity School for Ministry’s Spanish language Post-graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies is designed to provide robust, graduate-level training in the essentials of Anglicanism for native Spanish speakers, giving them the formation they need to be effective ministers of the Gospel in an evangelical Anglican context. This two-year program includes seven courses on the distinctives of Anglicanism. All of the courses are taught online, allowing students to stay in their ministry context as they study.

Scholarships are available for this program.

For more information contact:

Rev. Ernest Buchanan
Program Administrator (Spanish Language)
Trinity School for Ministry
Eleventh Street, Ambridge, PA 15003


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Cursos Ofrecidos

 Otoño 2017: Fall: 
 CH625 – La Iglesia Primitiva  (CH625 – The Early Church)
 ME699 – Anglicanismo Global  (ME699 – Global Anglicanism)
 Primavera 2018:  Spring:
ST770 – El Camino Anglicano de Teología (ST770 – The Anglican Way of Theology)
Verano 2018: Summer:
ST645 – Dios el Espíritu Santo: Iglesia, Ministerio, y Sacramentos (ST645 – God the Holy Spirit: Church, Ministry, and Sacraments)