• Shannon Ames
    Shannon Ames Development Assistant
  • Deanna Briody
    Deanna Briody Graduate Writing Tutor
    Facilitator of Partnerships
  • The Reverend Ernest Buchanan
    The Reverend Ernest Buchanan Program Administrator (Spanish Language)
  • Cliff Cartwright
    Cliff Cartwright Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Jenn Cepek
    Jenn Cepek Development Assistant
  • Bob Chesky
    Bob Chesky Director of Facilities
  • Marisa Crofts
    Marisa Crofts North American Lutheran Seminary Administrative Assistant
  • Barb Costa
    Barb Costa Community Liaison
  • Angel DeChellis
    Angel DeChellis Student Billing Administrator
  • Jane Eichenlaub
    Jane Eichenlaub Kitchen Assistant
  • Maximillion Elliott-Quinerly
    Maximillion Elliott-Quinerly Admissions Administrator
  • Karen Getz
    Karen Getz Dean of Administration
    Director of Accounting
  • Mary Lou Harju
    Mary Lou Harju Director of Marketing,
    Communications and
    Public Relations
  • Ryan Henkel
    Ryan Henkel North American Lutheran Seminary Administrative Assistant
  • Justin Hostutler
    Justin Hostutler Assistant Librarian
  • D. Scott Jessel
    D. Scott Jessel Communications Assistant
    Senior Editor Video Production Specialist
  • The Rev. Christopher Klukas
    The Rev. Christopher Klukas Communications Assistant
  • Barbara Knecht
    Barbara Knecht DMin Administrator
    Online Education Assistant
  • Elaine Lucci
    Elaine Lucci HR Administrator
  • Owen Lyons
    Owen Lyons Communications Assistant
  • Geoff Mackey
    Geoff Mackey Dean of Students,
    Director of Chapel
  • Allyson Martin
    Allyson Martin Assistant to the Directors of the Robert E. Webber Center and The Stanway Institute, Facilitator of Inter Terms
  • John McCoy
    John McCoy Accounting
  • Sarah McCurdy
    Sarah McCurdy Bookstore Manager
  • Frances Metcalf
    Frances Metcalf Kitchen Assistant
  • Alexandra Morra
    Alexandra Morra Communications Assistant
    Graphic Design
  • Gerald E. Mote
    Gerald E. Mote Director of Development
  • Bob Piltz
    Bob Piltz Maintenance Assistant
  • David Zamora Ramirez
    David Zamora Ramirez Communications Assistant - Videography
  • Karen Reed
    Karen Reed Chef
  • Anna Schell
    Anna Schell Kitchen Assistant
  • Diane Schell
    Diane Schell Kitchen Assistant
  • Carrie Shrewsbury
    Carrie Shrewsbury Development Coordinator
  • Steve Sims
    Steve Sims IT Manager
  • Kevin Singleton
    Kevin Singleton IT Specialist
  • The Rev. Aidan Smith
    The Rev. Aidan Smith Dean of Advancement,
    Director of Church Relations and Deployment
  • Dr. Leslie F. Thyberg
    Dr. Leslie F. Thyberg Learning Skills Coordinator
  • Lee-Anna Upperman
    Lee-Anna Upperman Executive Assistant to the Dean/President
  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh Director of Planned Giving
  • Russ Warren
    Russ Warren Director of Online Education
  • Amanda Wicker
    Amanda Wicker Communications Assistant
  • Stacey Williard
    Stacey Williard Registrar
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Debra Yarger
    Debra Yarger Receptionist