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Biblical Studies


Professor of Biblical Studies


BA                    University of Cambridge, UK, 1982
MA                  University of Cambridge, UK, 1985
PhD                  University of Cambridge, UK, 1987

Cert. Theol.     University of Oxford, UK, 1989

D Phil.              University of Oxford, UK, 1996


Ordination in the Church of England: Rochester Cathedral, 1989 (to serve in Tonbridge parish church, Kent: 1989-1993; honorary curate, Christ Church, Abingdon, 1997-2004)

Post-doctoral Fellow in New Testament: Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK (1993-1996)

Tutor in Biblical Studies: Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, UK (1996-2012); also Associate Vice-Principal & Director of Development (2008-2012)

When in my 20’s I experienced a profound sense of call to be a teacher who would prepare others for ordained ministry. I loved my own time in a parish, focusing on preaching and pastoral care, and in some ways have always wanted to get back there. Yet instead there has been the privilege of helping encouraging others for that vital task.  My goal is so to teach that students gain a fresh wonder at the scriptures and fall into a deeper love for Jesus Christ; also to come alongside them at what can often be a formative stage in their lives and to hear what God is saying to them personally. I loved my time teaching in Oxford, and am delighted now to be at Trinity—even though some of my friends in UK think I am in Cambridge, not Ambridge!

5 most recent books:

The Story of the Holy Land: a visual history (Oxford: LionHudson, 2013).

The Lion Guide to the Bible(Oxford: LionHudson, 2010)

The Jesus Way: The Essential Christian Starter-Kit (Oxford: Monarch, 2009), with foreword by J.I. Packer

In the Steps of Saint Paul:an illustrated guide to Paul’s journeys(Oxford: LionHudson, 2008); published in USA as In the Steps of Paul:an illustrated guide to the apostle’s life and journeys(Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008)

In the Steps of Jesus:an illustrated guide to the places of the Gospels(Oxford: LionHudson, 2007; also Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007)

Research Interests:

I have led numerous tours in the Middle East (Greece, Turkey, Italy, Jordan & Syria) and have also completed the filming for a forthcoming series of DVDs (based on my In the Steps of Saint Paul which will trace all of Paul’s travels—including locations such as Damascus, Lebanon, Cyprus, Crete, Malta and Sicily. Other interests: Jerusalem in Christian thought and practice; Biblical Theology and its application to issues in the Middle East today; archaeology in the Holy Land; the ministry of Jesus within the story-line of Israel; the Book of Acts in its historical setting; the early church (from AD 100-400).

Speaking Topics:

‘In the Steps of Saint Paul’: illustrated presentation on the apostle’s travels (2 hours)

‘In the Steps of Jesus’: illustrated presentation on the Gospels (2 hours)

‘The Jesus Way’: introducing a 12-week course for Christian discipleship

‘A Bible Overview: From Genesis to Revelation’ (in 5 hours)

I have taught and preached in a wide variety of locations in the last 10 years, including: Los Angeles Orlando, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Charleston, Houston, Albany, New York & Bermuda; Cyprus, Beirut, Jerusalem & Kampala; Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland.