The Covenant of Trinity School for Ministry

We the students, faculty, and staff do covenant to serve the Lord and each other, according to our several callings, in the following ways:


We commit ourselves to the discipline of private and public worship.  We will spend a daily time in prayer and Biblical meditation.  The students and faculty shall attend the weekly community Eucharist (unless excused), Morning Prayer before morning classes, Evening Prayer after afternoon classes, and as often as possible at other times when present on campus.  Staff are also welcome to participate.  Students and faculty will also participate in appointed Quiet Days.

Family and Community Life

Those of us who are married commit ourselves to spend a responsible amount of time with our spouses and children.  Those who are single will establish and maintain a local network of friends for prayer, fellowship, and support.  We pledge ourselves to sexual fidelity in marriage, defined as one man and one woman, and chastity in the single state.

As members of Christ’s Body, we will involve ourselves in the community life of the School, so that we may rejoice, laugh, and weep together.  We will attend Leadership Formation Groups or Fellowship Groups as a significant part of this mutual submission to one another.

We will seek to love one another as Christ loves us.  We will refuse to gossip but instead speak words of encouragement.  We will confront one another openly and seek reconciliation when offense has been given.


We are gathered as a community of learning.  Students will attend assigned classes, Dean’s Hour lectures, Mission Days, and all other requirements of the Academic Catalog.  We will take seriously our worship of the Lord with our minds in all our studies.

Service to the World

While specially gathered for study, we are also gathered for mission and service to those outside the School.  We commit ourselves to devote regular time, talent, and treasure to personal evangelism, neighborly visitation, and public service.

We thank God for our common calling in covenant with Him and with each other.  We ask help from our closest associates – family members, co-workers and friends – to be faithful to our commitments, and we trust that the Holy Spirit will guard and guide us in this task.