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Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition


Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition

Week One of the June Intensives (June 3-7, 2024)

The Book of Common Prayer is central to understanding the distinctives, commonalities and appeal of the Anglican Way, both historically and in contemporary mission. This course challenges students toward a deep appreciation of the living Prayer Book Tradition of North American and global Anglicanism. Pastoral, biblical, theological, liturgical, aesthetic, formational and missional coherence are all lenses through which students will be encouraged to imagine present and future application. The Book of Common Prayer 2019 is the primary text, evaluated with reference to earlier (especially to the Book of Common Prayer 1662 of the Church of England) and to contemporary Anglican prayer books, and to wider Christian practice. The shape, rationale, and logic of each service in the Prayer Book will be considered in a hands-on style. For those students expecting to serve in non-Anglican worship settings, there will be an opportunity to assess substantial differences and also possibilities of convergence as each prepares and leads worship.

Taught by the Most Rev. Robert Duncan

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