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Certificate in Lutheran Studies (NALS)

Certificate in Lutheran Studies (NALS)

The Certificate of Lutheran Studies (CLS) is a non-credit, non-degree program of instruction designed to provide students the academic foundation they need for lay ministry in an NALC house church or established congregation.  CLS courses are intended to enhance the faith and knowledge of the NALC laity in order to strengthen the mission of local congregations, in conjunction with local pastors for mentorship and support.

The CLS program consists of six courses.   It can be completed entirely online.  There is no residential requirement for the CLS.

Online students generally take 1-2 courses per term in Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Most online students graduate after 1.5-2 years of part-time study.

Application Deadlines

Fall Start: July 1

Spring Start: December 1

Summer Start: May 1

The Curriculum

Biblical Studies Church History
OTNC10 Survey of Old Testament CHNC10 Survey of Church History
NTNC10 Survey of New Testament CHNC17 The Lutheran Tradition
Missions Systematic Theology
MENC17 Evangelism, Discipleship, & the Ministries of Caring STNC10 Survey of Systematic Theology