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Diploma/Certificate – Catechesis


Diploma/Certificate – Catechesis

Diplomas & Certificates

Diploma Programs are 18 credit hour (6 courses) programs made up of courses at the Master’s level.  They provide specialized and focused training in specific realms of church ministry.  The hours earned in a Diploma Program can be applied to a MAR or MDiv degree.


Certificate Programs are non-credit versions of Diplomas.  The Certificate student would be enrolled in the same courses as a Diploma student; the level of work, however, is tiered (less reading, reduced requirements), and the course graded on a pass/fail basis. Certificate courses cannot be applied to a Master’s degree.


Residential students generally take 2-3 courses per term in Fall and Spring, supplementing as desired with January & June intensives.  Most residential students graduate after 1 year of full-time study.  Distance students generally take 1-2 courses per term in Fall, Spring, and Summer, supplementing with January & June intensives.  Most distance students graduate after 1-2 years of part-time study.


A Lutheran track in partnership with the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) and a Presbyterian track in partnership with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) are also available.  Please see Our Programs Additional Tracks section for more information.  More information about the NALS and EPC Partnerships is available here.


Application Deadlines

Fall Start: July 1

Spring Start: December 1


The Curriculum

Diploma/Certificate in Christian Catechesis

Core Requirements (18 credits)
PT700 Spiritual Formation: Catechesis & Discipleship
CHST700 History & Theology of Catechesis
PT701 Principles & Practice of Catechesis
PT720 Teaching the Catechism
PT750 Local Ministry Practicum
One Catechesis elective Family, Youth, Children foci – available in January & June Intensives