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Diploma in Lutheran Diaconal Studies (NALS)


Diploma in Lutheran Diaconal Studies (NALS)

The Lutheran (NALC) Diaconate Diploma is designed for students in the ordination process to the diaconate in the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).  This course of study is both academic and professional, covering the fields of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Church History, and Pastoral Theology, as well as focusing on the NALC Core Values.

The Lutheran Diaconate Diploma program is 27 credits and can be transferred into an MAR or MDiv upon completion.  The Diploma can be completed entirely in residence at Trinity’s Ambridge campus or online with the Core Values courses being offered in the June intensives.

Residential students generally take 4-5 courses per term in Fall and Spring, supplemented with one NALC Core Values course in the June intensives.  Most residential students graduate after 1 year of full-time study.  Online students generally take 1-2 courses per term in Fall, Spring, and Summer, supplementing as needed with January & June intensives.  Most online students graduate after 2 years of part-time study.

Students interested in the Lutheran Diaconate Diploma must submit a letter from their ecclesiastical body confirming their intent to seek ordination to the diaconate.


Application Deadlines

Fall Start: July 1

Spring Start: December 1

The Curriculum

Biblical Studies (9 credits) Pastoral Theology (3 credits)
BI500 Biblical Interpretation PT700 Spiritual Formation: Catechesis & Discipleship
OT500 Introduction to Old Testament NALC Core Values Courses (6 credits)
NT500 Introduction to New Testament Students take two of four values-themed courses offered in the June intensives
Systematic Theology (6 credits) Christ Centered Mission Driven
ST540 Creeds & Catechisms: An Introduction to Theological Thinking Traditionally Grounded Congregationally Focused
ST550 Lutheran Confessions Capstone (3 credits)
Church History (3 credits) PT748 Diaconate Capstone
CH600 Introduction to Church History A guided study or coursework and paper/project related to diaconal calling: church music, Christian education, social ministry, homiletics, chaplaincy, etc.
Non-Academic Degree Requirements
Lutheran Liturgical Practica Available online and/or in conjunction with June intensive courses. Biblical Languages Practica Available online – TBD