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Master of Divinity (MDiv)


Master of Divinity (MDiv)

The Master of Divinity degree (MDiv) prepares students for ordained ministry or other specialized leadership roles. This course of study is both academic and professional, covering the fields of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Missions, and Pastoral Care.

The MDiv program is 90 credits.  The MDiv can be completed entirely in residence at our Ambridge campus; up to ⅔ of the MDiv can be completed through online courses and/or intensives.  A residential requirement of 30 credits (equivalent to one year of full-time study) is required at the end of the online program.

Residential students generally take 4-5 courses per term in Fall and Spring, supplementing as desired with January & June intensives.  Most residential students graduate after 3-4 years of full-time study.  Hybrid/online students generally take 1-2 courses per term in Fall, Spring, and Summer, supplementing as desired with January & June intensives.  Most online students graduate after 5-7 years of part-time study.

Trinity also offers, in partnerships with the North American Lutheran Church and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church – Presbytery of the Alleghenies, specialized tracks for Lutheran and Presbyterian students. Please see Our Programs in the Additional Tracks section for more information.


Application Deadlines

Fall Start: July 1

Spring Start: December 1

The Curriculum – Anglican Track

Biblical Interpretation & Languages (18 credits) Systematic Theology (15 credits)
BI500 Biblical Interpretation ST625 God the Father: Trinity, Creation, & the Fall
BL631 Hebrew I ST635 God the Son: Incarnation, Reconciliation, & Salvation
BL632 Hebrew II ST645 God the Holy Spirit: Church, Ministry, & Sacraments
BL651 Greek I ST750 Ethics
BL652 Greek II ST770 Anglican Way of Theology
OT700 or NT700 Hebrew or Greek Exegesis Pastoral Theology (21 credits)
Biblical Studies (12 credits) PT550 Homiletics I
OT500 Introduction to Old Testament PT650 Homiletics II
NT500 Introduction to New Testament PT641 Prayer Book: Introduction to Anglican Worship
OT6xx Old Testament Elective PT700 Spiritual Formation: Catechesis & Discipleship
NT6xx New Testament Elective PT710 Pastoral Care & Counseling
Church History (9 credits) PT770 Pastoral Leadership
CH625 Early Church History PT Elective (Choose one course from PTST740, PT645, PTST750)
CH635 Medieval & Early Modern Church History Electives (6 credits)
CH645 Anglican/Episcopal Church History Elective 1 Elective 2
Mission (9 credits) Non-Academic Degree Requirements
ME500 Introduction to World Mission Ministry Apprenticeship English Bible Exam
ME600 Mission & Evangelism: Church Planting Cross-Cultural Immersion Liturgical Practica
ME Elective (Choose one course from BI640, ME699, ME755, ST620, ST735) Other requirements listed in the Academic Catalog